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October 2018


Travel hacks to Help Survive a Long-haul Flight

There are many travel hacks to deal with a long-haul flight. Australia is one of the most well-travelled nations on earth. Here are nine travel hacks to help you survive a long-haul flight: Reduce calorie, coffee and alcohol in…


5 Luxury Face Masks That Work

Five new luxury face masks that work to make you look fresher, and younger. Finding the best face mask can be a challenging task. These five luxury face masks suit a variety of skin types including oily skin, dry…


5 Packing Mistakes to Avoid when Travelling

Packing mistakes and how to avoid them. It’s easy to over-pack when prepping for a holiday. The urge to throw your entire wardrobe into your suitcase is hard to resist. Avoid these five packing mistakes when prepping for travel:…


London: Global Perfumer To The Stars (Even Kylie)

Meet Azzi, she’s the British global perfumer to the stars. She has worked with everyone from Johnny Depp to The Royals. Cindy Crawford, and even Kylie as a perfume designer, creating fragrances to suit people’s personalities and personal style.…