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November 2016

Asia Travel

Kuala Lumpur? Stay at The Hilton.

One of the most critical aspects of a stay in a busy Asian city is location, and luxury, and The Hilton Hotel KL has it in spades. I’m not sure what I liked most about my stay at The…

Life Opinion Relationships

Why I gave online dating the flick

Online dating doesn’t work for many looking for real love, especially in big cities like London, New York and even Sydney, just ask my mates – or me. Everyone knows meeting the right person for a long term relationship…

Beauty Life Travel

The Most Luxurious Spa in Saigon

The Spa Intercontinental Asiana Saigon is quite literally one of the most beautiful places in the world to relax. In Saigon, a city with 9 million people, and around 8.9 million of them on motorbikes daily, I needed to…


8 Travel Apps I Use

My iphone is the centre of my world at the best of times, but when I travel, it takes on a whole new set of roles throughout my trip. Here are the apps I love using right now: Packpoint:…

Fitness Lifestyle

Travelling is no excuse to get fat

Many people put on weight when they travel, but travel is no excuse to get fat. You can prevent this with a simple holiday workout in your hotel room or the hotel gym if there is one: You’ve done…