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November 2016

Beauty video

Travel Essentials for your beauty bag – Video

The quintessential travel essentials for your beauty bag: The big challenge when travelling is deciding what to pack in your beauty bag. This is a video I made of the travel essentials I took on my last trip to…


The Easy Alternative to Botox for under eye wrinkles.

Frustrated by fine lines under your eyes? Don’t get botox, try this instead: I would never have botox around my eyes, but I do use this new beauty product, Save Our Skin (SOS) Notox Eye Patches by Innoxa instead.…

Food Lifestyle

Why I think the food pyramid is all wrong.

The traditional food pyramid should be flipped on its head. The  largest group of food on the traditional food pyramid are grains, yet they are the worst thing for our bodies. I know a lot about this having been…