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October 2016

Beauty Life

WTF? This week I shaved my face.

Yep, it’s true. I shaved half my face this week. The ultimate exfoliation. I was in New York as a guest of a very upscale salon I wont mention the name of here, and the beautician not only asked…

Beauty Life

MAC Liptensity could be the best lipstick ever

A new range of gorgeous colourful lipsticks , MAC Liptensity, has just been released, and this could be their best lipstick range ever. This is not just another lipstick range. MAC Liptensity is the most colour saturated range of…

Beauty Life

This Week I Tried Hair Contouring by Loréal.

Yes, we’ve all tried facial contouring, now there’s Hair Contouring from Loréal. When I was invited to the Luxe Dessange Paris Hair salon by Loréal Professionnal in Paddington to try Loréal’s new Hair Contouring, I couldn’t resist. We’ve all…