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May 2016


My pick for a great family holiday

Lets be honest, Asia can feel a bit over-run with tourism at the best of times, and finding a location with the right balance of great hotels and service with at least some of the natural beauty preserved isn’t…

Food Travel

Clean Food In Bali

Bali has changed so much in recent years. It is a great place to go as a single girl, or as a couple, and there is a LOT of great, healthy food. Here are four of my favourite places…

Life People

Julie Bishop – A Great Role Model.

There’s nothing more attractive than an intelligent, well spoken woman who has great manners and fashion style. The former Adelaide girl has grace and style – and gets on with the job. Julie Bishop has all that and more,…


Australia’s Gold Coast Can Be Surprising

I have  just been on The Gold Coast for a fabulous 3 day convention full of fellow bloggers, where we all were educated, chatted and laughed about the crazy world that is blogging. I snuck out for a night…