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April 2016


Insider Travel Tips: Eight New York City Highlights

New York City is my favourite city in the world. I am happy doing just about anything there. Here are some things I loved doing on my last trip: Eat a mini-Croissant with ham and cheese from Baltahazar, Soho :…


MAC Launches World First Beauty App in Sydney

I have always loved MAC cosmetics. They make some of the best red lipstick on the planet. They recently  launched a world first, an app to help master various make-up techniques, which can be taken to a technique class…


Winning Isn’t Everything

There’s more to life than winning every race, as I found out recently. Making bucket lists, annual goal charts and creating mountains to climb are all very well, but what no-one warns you is that these attempted feats can…


Five Things I Love in Chicago

When I competed for Australia in the world triathlon championships in Chicago last week, I didn’t expect to fall in love with Chicago. Here are the 5 main reasons this town rocks: The running and cycling tracks: The city…