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Cut price caviar skincare range being compared to La Prairie?

A newly formulated caviar skincare range sold in supermarkets is being compared to one of the most luxe brands in the world, La Prairie.

Lacura caviar illumination night cream RRP: $19.99.

Lacura, a German made skincare range being sold at Aldi supermarkets is being compared to one of the most luxurious brands in the world, La Prairie.

Everyone in Europe (where it was released a few months ago) is already talking about it.

The newly formulated Lacura range has many striking similarities to La Prairie. The Lacura products have very similar ingredients to the famous La Prairie skincare range, including caviar, and even the fragrance is similar.

One of the most luxurious face creams in the world, La prairie skin caviar luxe cream, 50ml $575.

La Prairie is manufactured in Switzerland and is one of the most luxurious – and expensive skincare ranges in the world. Lacura is manufactured in Germany.

Both are European, and contain very similar packaging, from the silver, mirrored boxes and blue trim right down to the royal blue glass jars.

For many women over 40, caviar is the silver bullet go anti-ageing facial creams.

Multiple studies have shown that in women over 40 and even in older women, caviar in skincare can reduce the appearance of ageing by 67%. The main effect of caviar on the skin is to boost collagen quickly, and collagen is the cement of the very foundation of the skin.

Bondi Beauty were sent three products to road-test before the launch on Wednesday, and this is what Bondi Beauty Founder Renae Leith-Manos thought:

LaCura Caviar Illumination Night Cream $19.99:

You could be forgiven for mistaking this cream for La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Luxe Cream. The box size, jar size and shape, colour and even the product;s fragrance are so, so similar.
It glides on, and absorbs quickly into the skin. Night creams are an important part of any beauty routine, especially coming into cooler weather. This product is incredible value for money.

Lacura caviar illumination eye mousse $9.99:

This product is clear, and light and easy to use. It too is packaged in the familiar silver and blue box and jar. It also has a similar fragrance to La Prairie skin caviar luxe eye lift cream, but not quite as much as the Caviar Illumination Night Cream and the texture is very different. I liked it for under make-up as it is so light.

Lacura Caviar intensive mask RRP: $9.99Lacura Intensive Masks $9.99:

These masks are packaged in capsules, to stay very fresh. You simply peel off the back and apply the mask. This mask is amazing, especially for very dry skin. It comes with a brush you can use to apply it, but I preferred to use my hands. This is brilliant when skin is very dry, such as after a long haul flight as the skin sucks it up and the mask actually plumps up the skin. This is my favourite product in the range.

I always get asked about value for money and if luxury skincare is worth it. The answer is always yes, but only if you can afford it and if it works for you. And for times when you can’t, a cheaper alternative is a great choice.

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